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For more information, brochures and videos, visit the camp website or call 1-800-821-2801 or visit and scroll down to the top of this page for a complete list of camp activities and information.

Next, we will look at what you can get for your 1350 and other SAT scores and find a complete 13 50 SAT Score Guide, including colleges. Sanger High School is in the bottom 50% of California schools, but its average SAT score is so low that it is well below the national average for California high school students. A score of 3.5 or better is considered well above average, putting Sangers at the top of California's top 50 schools for SAT and ACT scores.

Sanger High is classified as a high-poverty school, and nearly one-third of all schools in California have some degree of poverty, according to the US Department of Education's National Assessment of Educational Progress. Although Sangers High students meet or exceed state standards, they are not ready to finish high school or go to college.

If there are AP courses you want to attend that are not offered at Sanger High, ask your adviser about other options. If you want to see how other schools in the area are looking for diversity, you can google the name of a school (prepscholar) to find a guide to that particular school. You need to speak to an adviser who can help you find out. Check the graduation rate at your local high school and the school's graduation rate.

If you are supported, you can exercise at Sanger High and your courses will probably have more resources than other high schools in your area. Expect your Sangers High Sports teams to be competitive, as more teams usually mean more sports are available and more resources are devoted to the sport. If you just need a sports field and put up green lawns, you have everything you need to be successful.

We are proud to offer you access to the highest quality products, services and services available in the Sanger area. Based in Sangers, California, and across the country, we have the capacity to deliver our products faster than any other company. When you think about it, you save California money in many different ways, both in time and money.

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Sanger High is a school with a particularly high level of poverty, and it does not have the resources to reach its full potential. Make sure you get the support you need to be proactive and successful at Sangers High. To succeed, you need to make the most of your time and resources to overcome the many hurdles that it might require of you.

You may not have the full range of sports and extracurriculars to draw from, and therefore you may only be featured in one or two of Sanger High's sports programs. In addition to the regular camps and activities, we offer a variety of special educational programs for students with special needs. We offer advanced courses in mathematics, natural sciences, English, social sciences, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, economics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, computer science and more.

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More About Sanger