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Kathleen's work is on display at the San Francisco Museum of Art and Fresno Public Library. Laura Sidsworth has published two books about her life and work, one of which is a collection of photographs of her and her husband John. For more information about Kathleen's books and her work, visit her website, Facebook and Twitter at @ kathryn _ sidsworth.

Laura is a ceramics and mixed media artist who lives in San Francisco, where she lives with her husband John and their menagerie of pets, which inspire much of her work. She gives workshops throughout the United States and sells her artwork through her website as well as in local art galleries and art fairs. You can follow her on Twitter @ kathryn _ sidsworth, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Laura is a passionate collector of ceramics, mixed media, photography, painting and sculpture. I love to make all kinds of art, but my favorites are my favorites.

She says she likes to create motivational art that makes her happy because she knows that her paintings bring joy to others. So I refreshed the classics, drew the colours I love and set the values against each other. She is also currently working on an artist residency program at Jefferson Elementary. Kathleen produced the book in collaboration with her cousin Wyatt Figueroa, who published the poems.

Sanger attended the Colorado School of Mines before moving to California, where she was active in the yacht community and gained access to the California Channel Islands on the Dreamer yacht. Sanger is the founder of the Catalina Island Yacht Club and has been known throughout the Southland for many years as a two-master schooner and yacht owner. In 1982 she created her first yacht, the Maro, which is now in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I met Kathleen Mattox in the building that houses the Mixed Messages Art Gallery, which gave me the opportunity to vibrate through her art in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Then it turned into a beauty salon for about 20 years and then the Sanger California Art Gallery. Kathleen, who was born in Fresno, shows various items created by mostly local artisans with her own personal style.

At ArtHop, someone from the Audubon Society caught her eye and commissioned her to reflect and paint a bird of prey on a plaque in Cottonwood Park in Clovis, California. According to Sanger, this stone image was carved with great skill by the prehistoric Aborigines who once inhabited San Clemente and are interspersed with the best examples of early California sculpture. This portrait is exhibited in the numerous archaeological collections she has made for the institution and others throughout the country. Browse through the program to learn more about her work and the history of her art.

Explore California's neighborhoods, count the groups and get the predicted growth rate for each. Analyze the line charts to calculate the best months to book a room with Sanger for your upcoming trips.

A sortable table that allows you to classify California counties based on the total per capita death rate is updated daily. Census data for California has been available since the 1850 Census began, but the 1850 data is incomplete because San Francisco County was lost and destroyed in the fire. This interactive map shows the total number of deaths in each county and the death rate per 100,000 inhabitants. To find your district, enter your address on the map and select "Find district" on the right.

American scientists who raised the idea that the long-inhabited islands had supported a native population when Cabrillo first sailed through California waters. Based on their findings, Sanger believed that Indians on the California islands have a much higher mortality rate than the rest of the state's population of 1.5 million.

Sanger's own collection is probably the largest private collection of its kind in the Channel Islands and, to some extent, the only collection of its kind in the United States. The material Sanger has collected from her own collections and those of other artists has profoundly influenced the understanding of California's history and culture, both in cultural and historical terms, and in terms of its history as a tourist destination. There is much more information about the history, culture and history of these islands than there is abroad, "said John D. Schmitt, a professor at the University of Southern California.

There is also a booth - alone with an exhibition of Singer's work at the California Museum of Art in Los Angeles. Kathleen is an active member of the Santa Barbara County Art Council and exhibits at various venues, including her own gallery.

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More About Sanger